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new beginnings

This place has been waiting to exist for a long time. Around thirty years, I would say, and here it is. Finally.

I’m very excited to have you here.

For some time, I have been looking to create a professional creative online space. A place where I might share the skills I’ve worked hard to attain, through years of study, but also through living and being in the world as a creative person and writer.

This is that space.

Some of you may know this particular site has had a previous life, of a different kind, and for those people…I do hope you feel welcome here. Everyone is always welcome in my world, whoever you are, wherever you are from.

What will this website hold, you may ask?

Here, you will find information about me, my creative history, my work and my qualifications.

You will hopefully learn a thing or two about reading, writing and how to cultivate and sit comfortably within your own creative flow.

I intend to share tips and lessons on writing and crafting language.

I intend to share tips and techniques on how to be a more active, fulfilled reader.

I am also planning to run a book club series, where I will take you through good books, breaking them down, showing you what it is that makes them good in my eyes (which will be a wonderful help for writers just starting out, or established writers looking to expand in perspective and/or technique.) I ran a similar series on instagram a while ago, which was a really wonderful way of diving deeper into the readerly/writerly experience.

So! I welcome you all to this new online home of mine.

I can’t wait to share my writerly/creative life with you all.

May it inspire, uplift and be a help to you on your own creative journey.

All my love,

Brooke. xx

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