About Brooke

Brooke Cutler is an Australian writer of poetry, adult fiction and children’s picture books. She is the proud Mum of two little people, and is also Mum to thirteen house plants. Her first house plant, George Harrison, is still her favourite, and going strong after three years of surviving the Cutler house.

Brooke is a lifelong creative, first building worlds and lives as a curious six-year old with a dolls house. As a child she spent every spare moment reading childhood classic authors such as Enyd Blyton and Roald Dahl, but her love of horses had Bonnie Bryant’s, ‘The Saddle Club’ series, as number one on Brooke’s most read book pile.

In her mid-twenties, Brooke headed into her first creative degree, completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama), followed by the big one, a few years later: a Masters of Arts (Writing). While studying she was very proud to produce an extremely well received short story collection, and since then has gone on to win and place in several short story competitions.

Having celebrated her first published short story by staying at a fancy hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, Brooke intends to follow up each special writerly milestone with an equally magical celebration. Perhaps a tropical holiday, somewhere lovely might be nice.

Brooke is currently preparing picture book texts for publication, while continuing to expand upon her first novel for adults. In her quiet moments, you will find Brooke writing poetry and little bits of everything at Brooke-Cutler. com.