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breathing it to life

Creating is no different to breathing.

The problem is, though, the human mind tends to overcomplicate things, by thinking. We don’t think about breathing, we just breathe. As a result, life happens and how beautiful it is to see the absolute loveliness of all that comes from even a single breath.

When I was a young song writer, I wondered about this ‘thinking’ thing. It frustrated me, I’ll be honest, because it seemed that every time I purposely tried to write a beautiful song, nothing would come. And yet every time I allowed life and creativity to just happen, a song would quite easily (and rather miraculously, I thought) flow into life.

I remember speaking to friends of their creative frustrations. How was I so easily able to access my creativity, and harness the invisible threads the music seemed to be offering me, while they struggled to capture the elusive notes they intuitively felt were within them? All I could tell them was: ‘You’re thinking too much. You cannot think music to life. It is already alive. You just need to breathe it out.’

Easier said than done, I know, and still to this day there are times where I try to write and come up with absolute crickets. Still. It’s usually because my energy is either blocked (I’ll go into this topic in future posts) or I want it too much (this inevitably leads me to trying to think my creative baby to life. Which, I’ve already learned, will absolutely never work for me.)

Since my early writing years, I’ve learned a great deal about my creative process. I’ve learned that thinking does come into it, eventually, but this thinking comes in at the back end of the creative process, beautifully structuring the organic material the flow of creativity has already given me. Writers call this: the editing stage, and this is where learning and education can come in handy for writers—think of technique as the tools in the clay-makers tool-box, and your natural creative ingredients as the clay.

The initial flow of raw creativity must be allowed to flow entirely, first, though, and I really do feel that this is where we get in our own way.

Can you step aside long enough to allow your creative breath to birth something beautiful? I’m quite sure you can. Breathe. Relax your entire body. Then disappear. I assure you, it is entirely safe.

And at the end of it all…you will have made the most beautiful kind of magic.

Art. Song. Language. All of it laced in the very essence of you.

So much love, and best of luck on the creative adventure you know is calling your name.

xx Brooke

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